Maquina De Adelgazamiento Por Criolipolisis 4 Ventajas


Hora: 2019-11-07

With our living improved, obesity is becoming more and more popular. We all know that obesity can cause the following symptoms:

The causes of obesity are

Our company is a beauty equipment manufacturer, our cryolypolisis body slimming machine can make losing weight effectively. This post, we will share the 4 advantages you should know about the cryolypolisis body slimming machine.

Cuerpo de criolipólisis portátil para adelgazar máquina

Cryolypolisis Body Slimming Machine Working Principle

The ice point of water and fat is 0℃ and 4-6℃ respectively, in virtue of which difference CRYOLIPOLYSIS slimming machine can eliminate the adipose cells in the human body successfully and efficiently.

Using the feature that the triglycerides in fat will turn into solid under specified low temperature, the Cryolipolysis body slimming machine transmits low-temperature wave that is precisely controlled into appointed de-fatting position through the noninvasive emitter. As a result, the targeted fatty cells begin to decompose and disappear naturally, making fat layers reduce little by little in the process of normal metabolism.

With the combined technologies of  “Cryolipolysis” & “Negative pressure & Optical energy carving”, the emitted wave penetrates into fat and generates resonance in it. While there appear innumerable tiny vacuum bubbles whose commutative strike leads to the pressure unevenness inside and outside of the membrane. When the extremity of the membrane is reached, it explodes, resulting in the decomposition of fat and the reduction of cellulite.

cryolypolisis body slimming machine

4 Advantages Of Cryolypolisis Body Slimming Machine Working

According to the principle of coagulation of triglyceride in fat cells at 4 ° C, Positioning frozen fat-dissolving: no damage to peripheral nerves, blood vessels and skin surface tissue, high safety, significant weight loss and slimming effect.

With the treatment: completely non-invasive treatment, no need for anesthesia or surgery, there will be no swelling or bleeding: no recovery period, and you can take a shower on the same day, without affecting your daily work and life.

Ultrasonic popping probe eliminates cellulite and uneven skin. At the same time, it strengthens the elastic tissue of fibroblasts, promotes metabolism and blood circulation, and enhances skin elasticity, firmer and smoother.

Fat cells die after aging and are excreted through metabolism.

The body fat is reduced, so as to achieve a lipolysis body-shaping effect. Because it is fundamentally reducing the amount of fat, weight loss is more thorough, the effect is more durable, and will not rebound.

Cryolypolisis Body Slimming Machine

Cryolypolisis Body Slimming Machine Video

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